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KL series Coagulation Analyser
KL-320( 2 Channels)
KL-340(4 Channels )


Ø  Advanced dual magnetic circuit beads technology

Ø  Eliminating interference from icteric, hemolytic and chylous sample

Ø  Eliminating interference from air bubble in sample caused by adding sample

Ø  Unique print function for random reports and summary reports

Ø  Wide LCD screen, functional keyboard, built-in printer and multi-language

Ø  Open system for reagents, sufficient incubation positions for reagent and sample

Ø  Storing and printing calibration parameters and curve automatically

Ø  Using electronic pipette to add sample easily

Test  parameters

Ø  Prothrombin Time PT

Ø  Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time APTT

Ø  Thrombin Time TT

Ø  Fibrinogen FIB

Ø  Coagulation factors(FII, FV, FVII, FVIII, FIX, FX, FXI, FXII)

Ø  Protein S

Ø  Protein C

Ø  High Molecular Heparin

Ø  Low Molecular Heparin


Ø  Test channels:                                                       KL340:4 Channels                                             KL320:2 Channels

Ø  Reagent warm-up positions:                           KL340:5 Positions                                          KL320: 5 Positions

Ø  Sample warm-up positions:                                   KL340:16 Positions                                  KL320: 12 Positions

Ø  Sample type: Plasma

Ø  Temperature control:37±1

Ø  Testing time:3-999 seconds

Ø  Reproducibility:           CV%(PT)3%                 CV%(APTT)4%                          CV%(FIB)2.5%                                                                    CV%(TT)12.5%

Ø  Storageup to 260 test results

Ø  Fibrinogen concentration range:1-12g/L(1:10dilution)

Ø  Printerthermal printer

Ø  Interface: RS 232 to PC

Ø  Working environment:1030

Ø  Relative Humidity: 70%

Ø  Power supply: AC220V±10%50Hz

Ø  Weight:5kgs