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AFT-TCO2 Analyzer
Advanced non-contact sensing technology

Convenient and practical;rapid and accurate with less sample used and reagent consumed

Analyser for Total Carbon Dioxide(TCO2)

 Strong Point:

Ø Advanced non-contact sensing technology

Ø Convenient and practicalrapid and accurate with less sample used and reagent consumed

Ø Analyser for Total Carbon Dioxide(TCO2)

AFT-TCO2 is a High-speed, accurate analyser with simplified operation, low malfunction rate, No dilution required.



Ø  LCD display; Man-machine conversation; easy to operate.           Rapid analysis: result can be shown in 50 seconds.

Ø  No dilution required.

Ø  High accuracy; adjustable parameter to eliminate the system error.

Ø  Advanced non-contact sensing technology to avoid the flow breakdown.

Ø  Over 3 year’s sensor life span

Ø  Standard data port with built-in printer

Ø  Low reagent consumed with low analytical cost.


Ø  Measuring range:TCO2(10-50)mmol/L

Ø  Accuracy: CV3%

Ø  Sample Volume:100μl

Ø  Calibrator Volume: 100μl

Ø  Sample type: Whole blood, plasma, serum

Ø  Measuring time:50 seconds

Ø  Working Environmental:                   Temperature:5-40         Humidity:5-85%                     Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50HZ,30W

Ø  Dimension:305mm*225mm*350mm

Ø  Weight:5KG