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CORNLEY has its own top experienced research team, and an advisory group consists of professors, senior engineers and supervisors from clinical test centers of hospitals. The company is proud to be the rare one that can make its own electrodes among the competitors in China.
CORNLEY engages in the research, production, development and marketing of clinical instruments (electrolytes analyzer, blood gas analyzer, chemistry analyzer, coagulation analyzer and TCO2 analyzer) and patient monitors. It makes most efforts in enhancing the quality of products for competing to be the No.1 in the market. Furthermore, it has won many bids in China, and is recommended by over 28 Provincial Centers for Clinical Centers in China. It gains good reputations from the customers.
In 2004, the company started to research in blood gas analyzer, and in 2006, the prototype of blood gas electrolytes analyzer, together with the gas electrodes, which have been tested and registered. It is a highlight to the company that the development of the blood gas has been proved to be the fill-blank project in China by the government.
In addition to developing new products, our research and development team and our manufacturing department work closely together to optimize manufacturing processes and develop commercially viable products. They incorporate regular feedback from our sales and marketing personnel, enabling us to timely and cost-effectively introduce products tailored to end-user needs. Furthermore, our China-based research and development and manufacturing operations provide us with a distinct competitive advantage in international markets by enabling us to leverage low-cost technical expertise, labor, raw materials and facilities.
Reagent development Electrode Testing
Utility model patent for Dual Flow path Electrolyte analyzer Utility model patent for Reaction cup
Utility model patent for optical system of semi auto chemistry analyzer Utility model patent for Liquid level detector
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